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Wall-mounted Floating Bathroom Vanities

Virtu USA Justine 59-inch Floating Single Bathroom Vanity

If you want a contemporary look for your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a wall mounted vanity (also known as Floating Vanity). Floating vanities have been around for a while, but it’s only over the last decade that they’ve really taken off in popularity. It’s no big surprise either: There are plenty of obvious benefits to a floating vanity, whether you’re looking at form or function. Keep reading to learn more about adding a wall-mounted bathroom vanity to your space.

What the difference between a floating vanity and a regular vanity? The answer is right in the title! Floating vanities are attached to the wall and typically don’t touch the floor, giving the appearance that they are ‘floating’ off the ground. In contrast, regular vanities extend all the way from the ground to the sink and have a more traditional look. A third option is pedestal sinks, which have no vanity or cabinetry at all. Check out this great roundup of different vanity types from Sebring to find the right look for your dream bathroom.

One reason why wall mounted vanities are so popular is related to space. For one thing, they literally take up less space. If you’re outfitting a tight room, like a condo or apartment bathroom, a small floating bathroom vanity can actually make the space appear larger by not reaching all the way to the floor.

You can use the free space under the vanity to store extra rolls of toilet paper, reading material, or even rolled-up towels. To keep things looking neat and tidy underneath your wall-mounted vanity, invest in some stylish decorative bins. You may even be able to find a floating vanity that has an open compartment between the base of the cabinet and the floor to keep essentials off the ground altogether. Get even more inspiration on how to maximize this free space by reading this Homed It article.

The good news is, floating vanities come in a wide range of styles and sizes, as you can see in this stunning gallery of floating vanity sink ideas from Dering Hall. Compact bathrooms should look at a 24-inch floating bathroom vanity or smaller. If you’ve got more space, you can easily double the size to a 48-inch floating bathroom vanity, which should accommodate double sinks.

Another thing you’ll love about your floating vanity is how easy they are to keep clean. Sweep or vacuum under your vanity regularly, and you won’t have to worry about tricky standalone vanity gaps or openings where dust bunnies like to collect.

Flexibility Of Floating Vanities

Are there any limitations with floating vanities? No! Apart from needing a sturdy enough wall to mount your floating vanity, all of the options you’d find with a traditional vanity are available in floating vanity models. Whether you’ve had your eye on a floating double vanity or you’ve dreamed of a vessel sink wall-mounted vanity, there is a floating vanity for every design aesthetic and bathroom size.

Fresca Largo Teak Wood Wall-Mounted Double-Sink Bathroom VanityAnother smart consideration with floating vanities is they can be installed at any height, making them ideal for people on either end of the height spectrum (including kids). Same goes for those with disabilities, from the elderly to those in a wheelchair. Wall-mounted vanities truly offer more flexibility than a fixed height vanity.

There’s also the benefit of designing your own custom floating vanity installation. If you’ve got an odd-shaped bathroom, you may need to place your vanities on two separate walls for example. Floating vanities provide a more organic look for this type of arrangement. In contrast, if you’re dealing with a large wall, you could actually couple multiple floating vanities or floating bathroom cabinets together for one seamless super floating vanity. The possibilities are endless!

Apart from size, the main thing to think about is the look you want for your bathroom overall. This category is largely made up of modern floating bathroom vanities which pair well with other minimalist fixtures, like a standalone tub or shower stall. More classic styles do exist as well.

When it comes to color and wall mounted vanities, anything’s game, as this Pinterest-worthy Decoist-curated collection of floating sink cabinets shows. Dark woods give an intimate, spa-like vibe, while light woods or a white floating bathroom vanity feels totally futuristic. From luxe cherry wood to rustic Acacia, it’s easy to picture where one of these stunning wall-mounted floating double vanities could fit into your design.

Another consideration is your flooring. Most floating vanities don’t touch the ground, so you’ll need to spend a little more on floor tiles. The good news is, those extra tiles will pay off big time by giving your space a more polished, open feeling. Plus, most contractors are happy to see a floating vanity when they’re installing radiant heat, as the open area keeps the cabinetry from getting overheated.

Want some design inspiration for your floating vanity look? We’ve got it with this on-trend guide to 2019 bathroom trends from Emily Henderson.

If you’re sold on the benefits and beauty of a wall mounted vanity, you’re probably wondering how to install a floating bathroom vanity. For a detailed guide, check out this step-by-step breakdown with photos from This Old House. The process is generally the same no matter what size of floating vanity you choose. Attach a bracing to your wall studs and hang the vanity, then simply install the countertop and fixtures. If you’re not particularly handy, you may want to enlist the support of a plumber or carpenter.

Dream Bathroom Vanities has an extensive range of sizes, finishes, colors, and styles. From tastefully traditional to cutting-edge modern, we carry some of the most coveted and best reviewed floating vanity brands around, including Fresca wall mounted vanities. We also have matching accessories such as wall mounted standalone bathroom cabinets and vanity mirrors. Your search starts and ends here with Dream Bathroom Vanities.

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