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Are you dreaming of replacing your bathroom vanity but can't justify the cost? We've got you covered with this killer roundup of some of the most gorgeous bathroom vanity ideas out there - that you can actually afford!

Browse our curated collection of attractive bathroom vanity ideas to get instant inspiration, and read on to find out how you can adopt some of these looks without a total bathroom gut or pricey investment. Hint: This post is chockful of ideas and you'll probably want to visit it again. Pin it and stop on by anytime you want ideas on how to refresh your bathroom space in a wallet-friendly way.

Dream bathroom vanities


Here's Our List Of 55 Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

    Midnight Blue & Premium Gold

    Midnight blue bath vanity 61 inches

    Blue in the bathroom? Push aside those dated visuals of powder blue bathrooms from the 60s; midnight blue is becoming a fast favorite for designers. Paired with gold faucets and hardware it's sure to stand out and pack a thoroughly modern punch. 

    Keys To The Look

    • Pair your blue vanity with hues of gray 
    • Add an area rug for even more depth (also perfect for after your shower)
    • Give your vanity an up-to-date look simply by changing out the hardware or fixtures to trendy gold or brass

      Airy Bright & White Bathroom

      White floating modern vanity with mirror

      Monochromatic can still make a big impact and gives your space an elegant, breezy feeling. Keep things inviting by going with a warmer color for your tile work to contrast with a white vanity and matching fixtures.

      Keys To The Look

      • Mirrors make even the smallest bathrooms look bigger. Consider wall-to-wall mirror panels instead of costly decorative mirrors that only sit over your vanity.
      • A floating vanity is a modern pick that also offers extra storage space underneath. Keep the top clutter-free by investing in baskets to keep your vanity organized.
      • Skip bath mats and rugs for an easy-to-clean surface that will keep your space looking bright and open.

      Natural Wood Small Vanity

      Floating teak small bathroom vanity

      Being short on space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Natural wood is the grounding element in this compact bathroom, which gives a sense of 'hygge' without the need for extra flourishes or clutter.

      Keys To The Look

      • Restain your wood floors to match your natural wood vanity for an earthy vibe
      • Add wooden bathroom accessories to warm up any space
      • Tuck bathmats under your bathroom vanity to keep the room feeling bright and open when not in use

      White Flat Front Modern Dual Vanity

      Virtu double floating white with mirrors

      Get that uber futuristic look by opting for a floating vanity with a flat white cabinet. For added space-age appeal, pair your vanity with a sleek and understated medicine cabinet and keep your countertops free from bathroom accessories. (Photo: Virtu Bathroom Vanity)

      Keys To The Look

      • Paint an accent wall behind your vanity and mirrors that contrasts the rest of the room
      • Go for a medicine cabinet instead of a standard mirror for bonus storage without the bulk
      • Add floor-to-ceiling sheers to your bathroom for an upscale hotel vibe that still lets in plenty of natural light; ideal for perking you up in the morning

      Stacked Tile Bathroom

      Floating sink in modern bathroom

      If you're not looking for a lot of bulk, a wall-mounted sink with an exposed pipe can function just fine as your vanity. Oversized wall-mounted sinks have an industrial chic vibe and offer extra counter space for everyday essentials like your toothbrush or soap.

      Keys To The Look

      • Thin blinds offer privacy while still letting in plenty of light
      • Contrast your tile work between the floor, wall, and tub surround but keep the look connected with a monochromatic color scheme
      • An industrial lighting fixture complements the exposed plumbing for a modern look

      Zen Buddha Bathroom Space

      Double white freestanding vanity

      Who needs the spa when you mix earthy tile, greenery, and Zen-inspired artwork and accents? This oasis of a bathroom will give you instant soothing vibes every time you step in it.

      Keys To The Look

      • A large plant adds a pop of color and channels an earthy element
      • Decorative pots can double as secret storage for cotton balls or bath bombs
      • An oversized painting in a neutral color gives the space an artistic focal point without overwhelming it

      Simple Black & White Bathroom Design

      White modern vanity with grey tile

      If you want to update your bathroom to have a timeless look, you can go wrong with black and white. The way to keep it interesting is by adding texture and pattern to your space, without compromising the core color scheme.

      Keys To The Look

      • Add a heated towel rack in a neutral color for a touch of luxury
      • Change out a 'pop' color on a seasonal or annual basis by storing your toiletries in coordinating plastic bottles or adding a pop color hand towel
      • Create a zen moment by having a candle (and waterproof matches) close at hand on your tub's rim

      Arabian Nights Inspired Vanity

      Modern white vanity with brick

      Even the most basic bathroom can be given a unique feeling by layered tilework inspired by Middle Eastern architecture. For a rustic touch, faux multi-colored brick gives this bathroom a perfect blend of high end and down to earth. Keep the hotel-like vibe going with a sculptural vessel sink on your marble-topped vanity.

      Keys To The Look

      • A towel bar on the front of your vanity is a great alternative to hanging one on the wall
      • Small plants can give your space a naturally soothing vibe without taking up much space
      • Keep guest towels and other essentials in an open cabinet space for easy access

      Sauna-Inspired Bathroom Style

      Modern wood vanity bench with tub

      Make like the Finns and adopt that sauna lifestyle in your bathroom with wood walls, tile floors, and organic accents. Natural stone and is echoed through the tub surround, stone vanity top, and tub material, while the beautiful vessel sinks have a similar oblong shape to the bathtub itself.

      Keys to the Look

      • Create a wooden accent wall by staining pieces of plywood. It's cheap yet makes a massive impact!
      • Use decorative stones to create a tabletop art installation by placing them in a shatterproof bowl
      • Upgrade all your towels to simple, pure white for a truly spa-like atmosphere

      Dark Black Wood Dual Vanity

      Modern Black floating vanity with mustard wall

      If minimalist style is your thing, you'll appreciate the simple elegance of this well-coordinated bathroom design. The floating quartz-topped dual vanity is offset with matching mirrors, shelving, faucets, and even soap! Warm beige walls make the space feel more inviting and homey. (photo: Virtu USA Vanity)

      Keys to the Look

      • Invest in some good quality fake plants to add some lively color with zero maintenance
      • Make use of the dead space between your vanity mirrors by purchasing a wall-mounted shelving unit; bonus, you'll keep your vanity top clear for easy cleaning
      • Don't forget about the details! For a really matching look, anything you put on one side of the vanity should be available on the other side, including soap dishes, soap, and cups

      Door-Free Tiled Bathroom Vanity

      Modern vanity bench idea

      If you want somewhere to put your sink but don't want the bulky depth of a vanity, you can actually create your own vanity by installing plywood surrounded by tile for a totally custom and space-saving design. Skip doors and use that open storage space to stash toilet paper. A large basket can keep things looking clean and contemporary. 

      Keys to the Look

      • Add a splash of color by coordinating your decorative mirror and floor mat to take this otherwise neutral color palette up a few notches.
      • A tall plant can be an effective way to use a tight corner and breathe some life into the room.
      • Think tranquil artwork in your bathroom; seascapes will easily give you blissful vibes even when you're just popping in to wash your hands.

      Grey Ash Modern Vanity

      Fresca Modern bathroom vanity double

      The starring feature of this bathroom design is that gorgeous ash grey vanity, one of the trendiest colors in bathroom design right now. Added glam comes from the unique minimalist hardware that lines up perfectly in the center. Additional shades of true grey throughout the bathroom bring out the slate tones in this multi-faceted quartz-topped dual vanity.

      Keys to the Look

      • Look for a rug-sized bath mat to give your bathroom a super cozy, intimate feeling (and skip pricey heated floors!)
      • Put toiletries into matching glass bottles for a classy hotel-inspired look.
      • Echo shapes; if you have a square vanity cabinet design, buy a square mirror. If you have elegant rounded vessel sinks, go for a round mirror.

      Black Wall-Mounted Dual Vanity

      Fresca double espresso modern vanity set

      There's no one part of this bathroom that really makes it shine - everything just works perfectly together. Basic black and white are mirrored on multiple levels, from the contrasting tile to the floating dual vanity and quartz sink paired with the two square mirrors. A neutral coastal blue and matching accents tie it all together.

      Keys to the Look

      • Pendant lamps are an unconventional but modern choice to give your bathroom a modern vibe
      • Pick up your wall color through subtle accents like glass bottles or towels
      • A simple storage rack can keep clutter off your vanity top and works great in tight spaces when you don't have a separate towel or linen closet

      Light Grey Coordinating Vanity

      Grey modern vanity with grey tile

      There are hints of dove grey throughout this bathroom design that subtly tie it all together. The pale grey oversized vanity pairs perfectly with a matching shaker medicine cabinet over the toilet. Grey grout on the herringbone subway tile is the perfect finishing touch.

      Keys to the Look

      • Add a lamp to either side of your bathroom vanity mirror for ideal makeup application and to balance out the width of your vanity
      • Shop for a matching medicine cabinet to tie the look of your bathroom vanity together
      • Paint your walls several shades lighter but in the same color family for a cohesive feeling

      Neutral Stone Bathroom

      Modern grey bathroom with floating vanity

      Any bathroom will look instantly bigger when you carry the tile work through to the walls. This creatively designed space uses massive floor tiles and a smaller version in the same material to draw your eyes up to the ceiling. A clean white vanity and matching bathroom fixtures complete the look and let the tile take center stage.

      Keys to the Look

      • Avoid breaking your floor and wall up by keeping bath mats hidden unless you need to use them
      • Coordinate all of your bathroom hardware in one color or finish - like shiny chrome - for an instantly updated and cohesive look
      • Change your toilet out for a dual-flush wall-mounted toilet to create a cleaner, more polished appearance

      Dual Black Vanity With Medicine Cabinet

      Modern vanity by fresca floating

      The loveliest bathrooms are ones that don't have a loud element screaming in your face. This timeless bathroom design features a floating black wood vanity with dual sinks. The oversized matching medicine cabinet matches the length just about perfectly for a balanced look.

      Keys to the Look

      • Look for a mirror that's the same length of your vanity to instantly balance things out
      • A simple white vase and sprigs of florist's garnish can lend your space a down to earth vibe
      • Match your vanity hardware to your sinks for a contemporary look

      Scandinavian Maple Wood Vanity

      modern teak bathroom vanity and mirror

      It's no secret that European countries love to use wood to enhance the look and feel of their interior design. Light colored maple has a sense of warmth and timeless ski lodge charm. Make it modern with a vessel sink and back-lit mirror.

      Keys to the Look

      • If you have a lighter wood vanity, create contrast by painting your walls a dramatic shade of charcoal or black
      • A back-lit mirror is great way to brighten a space if adding lighting is a challenge
      • Add an accent stripe of wood for a new twist on crown molding

      Ridged Wooden Dual Vanity

      Bench vanity with round mirror

      Get that Asian spa vibe in your bathroom with this ridged wooden vanity design inspired by Japanese tatami mats. Pure white simplicity everywhere else keeps this space feeling light and bright.

      Keys to the Look

      • Small decorative shelves can be an opportunity to display plants or keep bathroom essentials close at hand
      • Wall-mounted faucets keep your countertops clear and easy to clean
      • Consider one oversized mirror in a unique shape to create visual interest on your wall

      Warm Tiled Bathroom Design

      Tiled wall and floor modern bathroom vanity

      Some of the most popular tile finishes and colors can often be found in varying sizes. Mix and match those sizes to create a truly striking bathroom design, like this golden-hued space that features a custom tiled floating vanity and dual vessel sinks.

      Keys to the Look

      • If you're shopping for tile, see if a design you love comes in different sizes for a unique mix and match look
      • A simple pane of glass inserted into your wall can make the space look massive and costs way less than a decorative mirror
      • Switch your vanity lights for pot lights - make sure to add dimmer switches so you can relax when soaking in the tub

      Black Quartz Top Vanity

      double vessel sink modern vanity

      Black and white are as timeless as anything, and they always look good in bathroom design. The frosted glass doors, vessel sinks, and eye-catching background keep things interesting.

      Keys to the Look

      • Instead of a tile backdrop, consider adding in wallpaper for a cost-effective yet just as visually impactful design accent
      • Cut out the center of dated vanity doors and replace them with frosted glass for a new age style
      • White mirrors are an unusual choice that looks great next to colored or dark walls, as well as pure white walls

      Oversized Sink Vanity With White Walls 

      Teak and tile modern vanity set

      If you want to give your bathroom a designer's touch, coordinate all of your hardware and accessories, like the chrome theme carried through in subtle ways in this bathroom design. An oversized vanity makes the best use of the space when it's too tight for double sinks.

      Keys to the Look

      • A 'backsplash' tile effect can give your bathroom a touch of high end luxury without needing to splurge on a whole tile wall
      • Your bathroom accessories don't need to be head-to-toe chrome; check out the cream and silver soap dispenser that ties together the fixtures and hardware
      • Maximize storage space by opting for a mirror that runs the length of your vanity and features a medicine cabinet

      Emerald, Maple, and Brass Bathroom

      teak modern vanity with green wall  

      An unexpected mixture of colors and finishes keeps people on their toes and your design looking fresh. A modern maple vanity and storage unit looks lovely with a trendy vessel sink and brass accents. Finish things off with a dramatic dark paint job for a one of a kind bathroom design.

      Keys to the Look

      • If you have limited wall space to work with, create an accent wall around your sink nook with a bold or dark color
      • A round mirror elegantly reflects (literally!) the circular shape of your sink
      • Keep things clean with no hardware; look for push-open mechanisms for your cabinetry

      White and Aqua Bathroom with Marble Vanity

      White victorian modern vanity with tile

      Classy yet contemporary, this elegant white vanity looks sparkling new thanks to crystal hardware and a marble countertop. Vintage-inspired fixtures and a windowpane style medicine cabinet add to the classic country charm in this refined space.

      Keys to the Look

      • Paint your walls a bright pastel shade to elevate neutral white cabinetry
      • Swap your builder grade fixtures for chrome vintage-inspired taps and faucets
      • Give your hardware an upgrade with sparkling knobs and drawer pulls

      Natural Marble Floating Vanity

      Modern double vanity sink with marble top

      Black and white can be truly dramatic when paired in the right way, as this stunning bathroom shows. The two hues are brought together through the subtle veining in this wall-mounted floating vanity with dual sinks. Ample storage space keeps floors and counter tops nice and tidy.

      Keys to the Look

      • If you have leftover tile from a dramatic wall installation, use it elsewhere in the bathroom to tie the look together, like on a soap dish or shower pan
      • Wooden wicker baskets keep bathroom essentials out of sight but easily accessible (and portable)
      • Take advantage of extra wall space; skip artwork and add shelving

      Traditional White Vanity with Marble Countertop

      Modern white vanity with chandelier

      If you're looking for a more timeless style, this oversized vanity has got you covered. Ideally suited for shared bathrooms or guest suites where double sinks would be cramped, the extra storage and classic styling suit just about any household. Elegant finishes like candles, crown molding, and a soaker tub will win over any design snob.

      Keys to the Look

      • Add some warmth and luxury with crystal candelabras
      • Light simple pillar candles to bring a touch of high end 'hygge'
      • Place hand towels and guest essentials close at hand when there isn't a great spot for a towel rack

      Modern White Wall-Mounted Vanity

      double modern white floating vanity tile wall

      How do you make minimalist marvelous? By choosing the right materials. Beautiful two-tone grey tile is right on trend, while a timeless resin floating vanity in crisp white is easy to match to other bathroom fixtures. Oblong vessel sinks add visual interest to keep this space feeling custom.

      Keys to the Look

      • When shopping for a vessel sink, look for distinctive shapes
      • A thin frame around your bathroom mirror keeps the focus on the glass and tile work
      • Match your bathroom toilet, sink, and garbage cans to your vanity for a cohesive look

      Rustic Oak Vanity

      teak vanity double sink floating

      This masculine bathroom perfectly juxtaposes an industrial grunge vibe with a warm and inviting feeling. The custom floating oak vanity has hidden storage and gives off a minimalist look thanks to the lack of hardware. Meanwhile, concrete grey tile from floor to ceiling draws the eye up, finished with powder coated black light fixtures.

      Keys to the Look

      • Buy one style of tile and use it from floor to ceiling for a transformative look
      • Black, powder-coated lighting fixtures give off cool industrial vibes
      • Add a simple shelf under your vanity mirror for easy access to bathroom toiletries

      Dual Vessel Sink White Floating Vanity

      double vanity with flower pictures

      This pretty dual vanity look will make you feel like you're paying a trip to the salon. Chrome hardware, dual vessel sinks, and an oversized mirror make the best use of space.

      Keys to the Look

      • An overhead pot light panel ensures you've got a great light source when applying makeup
      • Add a lighted makeup mirror for close-up detailing
      • Coordinate your bath mat and towels in a subtle way to add girlish flair

      Floating Marble Vanity with Vessel Sinks

      Double vessel vanity sink with towel holder

      Is there anything more luxurious than marble? If you love this natural stone, don't just reserve it for your tile; consider adding it to your wall-mounted vanity as well. Keep the polished and professional vibe going by mixing in some uniquely shaped vessel sinks.

      Keys to the Look

      • Make the most of tight spaces by adding front-mounted towel racks to your vanity
      • Gain some counter space by mounting sink fixtures to the wall instead of the sink
      • Add a splash of color with some by-the-bunch seasonal blooms

      Nostalgic Bathroom with Chrome Sink

      victorian classic white vanity and mirror

      There's something retro yet glam about this vanity design. From the herringbone floors to the throwback drawers and ring pulls, all the way to the chrome sink and matching faucet, the little details all work nicely together for a 60s-era vibe.

      Keys to the Look

      • Instead of splurging on art, go with a groovy mirror to captivate your guests
      • Update your existing plain white sink with a style that matches your tap and faucet
      • Paint the trim of your vanity with metallic craft paint for a unique contrast

      Geometric Hexagon Bathroom

      Modern vanity style with unique tile design

      This hexagon-themed bathroom is truly the bee's knees. By investing in one repeating motif, you'll get a striking effect - even more so when you change things up with a unique color or pattern switch.

      Keys to the Look

      • A wall-mounted mirror in a swivel can be placed anywhere if you're dealing with an awkward layout or window placement
      • Paint your shower frame black for a bold statement
      • Replace broken or chipped tiles with a twist on what you've already got for a fresh look

      White Floating Vanity with Black Hardware

      single floating white vanity with bridge faucet

      Oversized marble tiles provide a blank canvas for some bold bathroom design choices. Black hardware and shower door trim look sensational next to a pure white floating vanity, proving even the tiniest bathrooms can have a BIG impact.

      Keys to the Look

      • Change out your sink and shower hardware to matte black for a contemporary feeling
      • A low-hanging towel hook can double for hand or bath towels
      • A simple circular mirror makes your room feel bigger in a flash

      Stormy Marble Tile VanityModern black grey white bathroom vanity

      A busier marble tile means keeping things simple elsewhere is key. Note the darker shower pan tile that grounds the room, and the elegance of the single vanity with vessel sink and wall-mounted faucet.

      Keys to the Look

      • Maximize the look of your wall tile or paint job by opting for a tankless toilet
      • A low-profile vessel sink makes a mod statement
      • If marble's out of your budget, go for glazed porcelain with a similar effect

      Redwood Wall Bathroom

      double white vanity with wood covered walls

      This gorgeous bathroom brings the drama by calling your attention to the high ceilings. Stained oak panels make for an impressive backdrop for the otherwise simple fixtures - grey rectangular tile and a massive floating white vanity with dual sinks.

      Keys to the Look

      • If you have room to spare, pendant lights suspended from the ceiling allow you to place light exactly where you want it
      • Buy reclaimed hardwoods and refinish them before nailing to the wall for a similar yet cost-effective style
      • Add a rustic touch with cast iron-style mirrors

      Dark Wood Floating Single Vanity

      rustic wood vanity with bridge faucet

      This sweet and compact bathroom has a modern retro feeling thanks to its unique pairing of materials. The subtle hexagon tile of the floor looks fresh next to the dark wood floating vanity and powder coated faucet.

      Keys to the Look

      • Moroccan-inspired textiles tie this look together from the hand towel to the floor mat
      • Powder coated black fixtures update any space in a flash
      • Stain an existing vanity a rich brown color for instant luxury
      • Add a brass pendant lamp for a 70s nod

      Marble on Marble Vanity

      Marble vanity with lights around the mirror

      If you want all marble, all the time, look no further. The marble floating vanity pairs perfectly with the oversized marble wall panels, while grey flooring marries the two.

      Keys to the Look

      • A backlit mirror adds light to spaces that can be a challenge to wire in additional lighting
      • Add a built-in soap dispenser to keep clutter to a minimum
      • Faux marble tile can give you a similar look for a fraction of the cost

      Black and Marble Floating Vanity

      Vanity with clock in mirror floating

      There's a lot to love the more you look at this seemingly simple bathroom design. From the Escher-inspired floor tile to the floating vanity with a tiered marble sink, this lovely design is a sophisticated blend of modern and timeless.

      Keys to the Look

      • Skip adding a clock to your bathroom by investing in a digital mirror with backlighting
      • A sprig of wildflowers gives the space a natural touch
      • A black faucet is a nice callback to the vanity's dark wood color

      Charcoal and Nickel Dual Vanity

      Dark espresso double vanity gold faucets

      If you're looking for pure sophistication, this bathroom delivers. Dark paint and cabinet hardware contrast beautifully with an airy natural stone vanity countertop and nickel faucets.

      Keys to the Look

      • Paint your existing wood vanity a dark charcoal hue for a modern upgrade
      • Swap out light hardware for a neutral dark collection that draws your eye to the vanity top
      • A simple wood frame can be painted light or dark to carry through your color scheme

      Ash and Emerald Vanity

      Grey vanity oval mirror set

      Green is quietly becoming a designer's pick for vanities, as demonstrated through the unique emerald vertical tiles here. Touches of black and ash wood further update the space while contrasting with the marble tile and tub surround.

      Keys to the Look

      • Pair your bathroom fixtures in a single shade - like matte black - for a neutral finish
      • Paint your ceiling a color that matches your tile to divide the space
      • Add some greenery to coordinate your tile and natural elements

      White Standalone Vanity

      Single freestanding floating vanity with toilet

      Sometimes simple is better. This classic white standalone vanity matches the surrounding space perfectly by keeping things neat and neutral: silver hardware, a white undermount sink, and coordinating white framed mirror. The grey walls and floors show you can use a range of neutrals to keep things interesting.

      Keys to the Look

      • Replace your existing hardware with minimalist nickel or chrome hardware
      • A mirror that's the same width as your vanity creates instant balance
      • Stash bathroom essentials inside your vanity cabinetry to keep the top clear and simple to clean

      Rustic Wood Dual Sink Vanity

      Rustic farmhouse vanity set

      Get a traditional craftsman to look with distressed wood vanity and brass drawer pulls. For a modern touch, add visual interest with a bold floor tile and simple subway tile. Bright, airy, and the perfect blend of old and new, there's plenty to love with this designer bathroom.

      Keys to the Look

      • Thrift an end table that coordinates with your vanity and add a potted plant for year-round vibrancy
      • Peel and stick floor tiles can update your floor at the fraction of a cost of ceramic tile
      • Wooden wicker baskets add texture and create a streamlined look
      • Vintage Edison bulbs finish off the nu-traditional vibe

      Minimalist White Bathroom

      Modern bridge faucet and vanity

      It's a common misconception that white bathroom vanities can feel sterile. One easy way to create warmth is to be strategic about lighting. Add some natural touches like a stone countertop or tile floor.

      Keys to the Look

      • Buy a few ends run marble tiles to create a high-end backsplash
      • If you don't need or want a mirror over your vanity, place a light down low to create a sense of intimacy
      • Invest in some baskets and drawer organizers to keep your ample storage space neat and tidy

      White and Beige Bathroom

      white vanity with mustard yellow wall

      Make the most of every inch by choosing fixtures that fit your space perfectly. An oversized single sink vanity is ideal for giving you some counter room for daily toiletries, while a tiled stall shower is a must-have for any en suite.

      Keys to the Look

      • Frameless mirrored medicine cabinets provide storage and make any room look bigger
      • Subtle chrome accents tie a room together
      • Basic white and warm beige offer a sense of inviting simplicity

      Wood Slat Wall-Mounted Vanity

      Teak freestanding vanity with wall faucet

      With a little bit of Eastern flair, this floating vanity takes up minimal space but offers big design impact. The vanity casing is specifically designed to house your undermount sink, so consider alternative storage options like a basket or stand-up bathroom cabinet.

      Keys to the Look

      • Update the front of your vanity with stacked crown molding or wooden slats
      • A potted plant will test your green thumb and add some organic elements to your bathroom
      • Instead of investing in tile, paint the walls sandy beige to add warmth

      White Oversized Vanity with Brass Fixtures

      white vanity and tub with bridge faucets

      Just because you have a big vanity, doesn't mean it has to be the focal point of your bathroom design. The neutral white on the white scheme in this classic bathroom allows your eye to wander to whatever it finds appealing - from the rubbed brass taps and faucets to the beautiful freestanding soaker tub.

      Keys to the Look

      • Swap out your faucet and taps for oiled brass to create a rustic chic vibe
      • Add overhead lighting to more than just your vanity area; bonus points if you can choose what lights are on or dim them to create a spa-like atmosphere
      • A wicker laundry hamper ensures you never have to pick up after your co-bathroom users again

      White Quartz Dual Vanity With Undermount Sinks

      White vanity modern faucet and built in tub

      Boasting plenty of space for him and her, this modern vanity embraces all things angular with square corners, square undermount sink openings, and right angle faucets. Neutral tile finishes things off for a look anyone will love.

      Keys to the Look

      • Buy some press and stick faux tile panels to decorate the edge of your vanity
      • Glazed ceramic tile is an attractive alternative to tiling your tub surround over pricier choices like marble or porcelain
      • An earthy chandelier adds a bit of whimsy and class to the tub area

      Pedestal Sink Bathroom

      Modern checkered vanity with pedestal

      If you're truly tapped for space, a pedestal sink may be the way to go. But don't shortchange yourself! Tuck plants underneath and on windowsills and keep storage or a stool nearby for easy access to every nook and cranny of your small bathroom.

      Keys to the Look

      • Windowsills are prime real estate for bathroom toiletries or plants when you're short on space
      • A hanging caddy on the back of your bathroom door and keep essentials close by without taking up space
      • Get a vintage look by investing in dual taps

      White Dual Sink Vanity with Tiled Backsplash

      Black and white floating vanity with back splash

      Little touches can make all the difference, and this bathroom has plenty of them. Dig the slick oversized cabinet hardware, the stripe of bold black and white tile, and the elegant elongated lighting.

      Keys to the Look

      • A strip of tile is easy to install and makes a huge visual impact in your space
      • Replace dated cabinet hardware with big, bold, nickel pulls and handles
      • Go for one single, long lighting fixture to keep your attention on the vanity and tiles

      Navy Tiled Bathroom

      Modern vanity with blue tile wall

      Talk about making use of space! This tucked away vanity takes up next to no space but offers plenty of features, including storage, lighting, and a classy vessel sink.

      Keys to the Look

      • If you only have room for a narrow floating vanity, consider adding a matching shelf below for bonus storage
      • A vanity mirror with built-in lighting can save you from pricey electrical bills
      • Paint your walls navy blue for a similar dramatic look

      Natural Stone and Oak Wood Bathroom

      Rustic modern wood vanity and mirror

      This lovely bathroom has a down to earth feeling thanks to the stained oak dual vanity, wicker baskets, and natural stone floor and wall feature. Keep things simple otherwise, with basic white walls and a classic chrome faucet.

      Keys to the Look

      • Invest in a statement pendant lamp for a striking design accent
      • If you only need one sink, use the countertop as a display for pretty grooming products
      • Wicker baskets maximize your storage space and hide clutter

      Modern Ash Floating Vanity

      Modern floating espresso vanity with large mirror

      Ashwood is a great way to get trendy grey in your bathroom without having to retile it. This simple stained wood floating vanity offers dual sinks and no hardware for a minimalist look. 

      Keys to the Look

      • Use apothecary style bottles to stash lotions that come in beautiful colors
      • Skip drawer pulls or handles and goes for push-open door hardware
      • One oversized mirror will practically make your room look twice as big

      Pine Wood Vanity with Dual Vessel Sinks

      Floating double wood vanity with vessel

      Get that sophisticated loft look by mixing industrial and earthy materials, like poured concrete floors, pine wood cabinetry, and dramatic black accents. A smooth quartz vanity countertop and dual vessel sink complete the room.

      Keys to the Look

      • Paint your window frames or door frame black to add some contrast to an otherwise light and bright space
      • Add a black pendant lamp for an industrial loft vibe
      • Pick a favorite flower and add a few fresh blooms weekly in a simple glass vase to keep the space from feeling too industrial

      Classic White Vanity

      Modern farmhouse vanity

      If you've got a more rustic space, it's okay to go a little more traditional with your design. The shaker cabinets and white color of this vanity look great next to the brick wall and wooden floors and ceiling.

      Keys to the Look

      • Staple flooring to the ceiling to create a spa-like atmosphere
      • Add a faux brick wallpaper or wall treatment for some industrial rustic vibes
      • Replace existing cabinetry hardware with rubbed brass for a country look

      Warm Pine Standalone Vanity

      Double rustic vanity with vintage bridge faucets faucets

      A country apothecary is an inspiration for this woodsy bathroom, which features a freestanding vanity topped with a marble countertop. Matching pine shelving and flooring creates a cohesive look from top to bottom, while a bronze rubbed oil faucet and mirror channel modern farm life.

      Keys to the Look

      • Simple lithographs or sketches are the perfect artwork choice for your bathroom
      • Keep an eye out for matching shelving to complement your vanity and complete your room's look
      • Rubbed oil fixtures and finishing touches give any space a rustic vibe

      Oversized Dual White Vanity

      double white vanity with backsplash

      What's white and bright and gorgeous all over? This striking bathroom vanity design that features ample room for a family or couple to share the space. Two mirrors with coordinating lighting ensure you'll never fight for grooming room again. Bonus points for coordinating the pale grey two-tone flooring with the nickel hardware and white vanity.

      Keys to the Look

      • Simple mirrors are offset by matching Hollywood makeup mirror-inspired lights
      • Even if you have all the storage in the world, don't be afraid to display a pretty colored lotion or soap in an elegant bottle
      • Keep things neutral with white towels and bath mats


      Hopefully, you found some cost-effective ideas for upgrading your bathroom space based on these covetable bathroom and vanity designs. We'd love to hear from you: What was your favorite? Comment below! Be sure to share the love and pin this post to your favorite bathroom inspiration board! 

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